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Good Day!

I would like to ask "How many sensors can 1 SensorGateway manage? or is it 1:1 monitoring?

And also, do I need another license to update the SensorGateway firmware?

Please advise.

Thank you.


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    2 sensors:

    - 1 external probe (temperature, temperature & humidity, flooding or power failure)

    - 1 built-in temperature sensor


    Firmware can be downloaded from website. No new license is required.
  • agdatacomagdatacom
    So the SensorGateway is the replacement of the Tibbo Device before?

    Is it the same setup if we will integrate the ServersCheck to any NMS? up to how many sensors?
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    The SensorGateway indeed replaces the tibbo device and brings many new features to the sensors.

    The sensor user manual describes how to set it up. You can get it from the wiki at
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