html report page asks for identification

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We setup serverscheck on a machine and want to include the html report within a iframe page. There is no IIS running on this machine.
The Internet Explorer always prompts asking for userid and password when calling the report page. Where and how have the privilegies to be granted to make the html report accessible with Internet Explorer.


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    When remote accessing ServersCheck, it prompts for a username and password.

    The default username and password is:

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    oh please, do not tell me that we cannot open up the report page to a wide audience.
    Is there a easy way to make it available for the anonymous user?
    It's possible to give userid and password along with the hyperlink when calling the page - hmm your hint username and password is: demo does not work.

    Pls remember we have licenced the Enterprise version.

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    The HTML reports are typically served through IIS or another webserver.

    The reason behind this is very simple: security. End-users should not be able to access the configuration settings.

    So when connecting to http://yourcomputer:1272 you access the secured area (prompting for a username and password) and where you can configure serverscheck.

    When connecting to http://yourcomputer you connect to IIS and from there you can easily serve it to your audience.

    See following live example of a customer:
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