Two sensors cause a conflict?

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I have two sensors, one monitoring temp and the other monitoring power. However, when I have them both on the same network, one seems to knock out the other and I am unable to access the webpage and the IP address does not respond to pings. As soon as I switch one of the devices off, the other comes back to life again.

Does anyone have any ideas on what the issue could be?


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    Make sure to have a different IP for each sensor. Sounds like both have the same IP.
  • jamiebljamiebl

    They both had different IP's, one on and the other on With only one sensor on the network it works fine (doesn't matter which one) but when both are on the network the unit that was first on the network starts to time out.

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    You have a network conflict somewhere. Either sensors setup incorrectly or a device conflicting with them.
  • shotchkissshotchkiss
    We had the same problem. It turned out all of the sensors we received came with the exact same MAC address. The only way we could resolve that was to create a separate VLAN for each sensor when we have multiple sensors in the same switch
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    There is a hidden feature in the firmware which allows you to change the mac address.

    If the IP address of your sensor is then go to

    In that page change the digit (max 4 digits) and click on the Change! button. The MAC address will change. Reboot.
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