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About once a week we are having one of our 4 sensors "crashing". The web interface works but the sensor (for instance a flood sensor) send an email saying:

From SC3 on 21/01/2011 at 09:29

Floor-Flood : DOWN (?)

We also have these in Nagios and it shows:

[01-21-2011 09:31:04] SERVICE ALERT: sc3;FloorFloodSensor;OK;SOFT;2;SNMP OK - "DRY"

[01-21-2011 09:29:04] SERVICE ALERT: sc3;FloorFloodSensor;UNKNOWN;SOFT;1;External command error: Timeout: No Response from

When we reboot it via the web interface, they come back to life. We are running Firmware 1.1 and just bought these at the end of December.


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    A firmware update has been posted to address the flooding sensor issue.
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    This occurs on more than just flooding sensors. I have seen it on external temperature sensors as well.
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    Firmware 1.2 addresses an issue in the SNMP agent whereby the agent could in some cases fail. This firmware has now an auto failover built-in so that when the SNMP agent fails, it is restarted.
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    We had this happen again. The SNMP agent restarted itself, but we really do not want our pagers going of at 03:00 with a page which is caused my SNMP dying. Can you put a filter in the email's sent by the sensors?
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    A firmware update is being developed and should be out within the next 7 days.
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    I still only see 1.2 available. Was this fix ever released? Its happening with more frequency now.
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