SensorGateway1 Email Alerts

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We are using a SensorGateway tempature/humidity sensor, and have it configured to send out email alerts via an SMTP server. We seem to never actually get the email alerts unless we reboot the sensor while it's in an alarmed state. Our sensor is networked, we have it configured via the web interface and are not using any software.

Test emails go through fine. We have tried several SMTP servers both with and without authentication standard and non-standard ports. I'm sure the configuration is correct because the emails do come through when you reboot the sensor, but we need these emails to be sent reliably.

I tried updating to the latest firmware, which sped things up, but we still have the same email issue. Any ideas?


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    I have the same problem, its new product.
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    Do you have the repeat alarm option enabled or disabled? If disabled then enable it
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