Nagios error - External command error

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I'm using a Temperature and Sensor gateway, h/w ver 2.1, firmware ver 1.3, with Nagios 3.3.1. I configured the relevant nagios files based on the documentation that came with the plugin, which I downloaded from the ServersCheck website.

Nagios reports the following for my sensor:

"External command error: Timeout: No Response from"

Yes, snmp is enabled on the sensor, with a community string of "public", using port 161.

Also, SNTP isn't working. Regardless of what server I use in the "SNTP Server" field, the web interface for the sensor says "the time can't be synchronized". And I can ping the hostname of the SNTP server that I used and do receive a ping reply.

Any ideas?


  • Through further research I answered my own question. The -p switch defines which port will be used to communicate via snmp with the gateway. Well, snmp uses port 161, not port 1228. The 1228 value is the default port value in the documentation that's specified in the documentation that comes with the nagios plugin.
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