Low humidity not getting alert

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I have an SC-TS01, Temperature and Sensor Gateway. Hardware version 2.0, firmware version 1.3. Over the past 24 hours, the sensor has shown that the humidity in my data center has been going down. It's gone down before the down range setting, but I haven't received an email notification. I've sent a test email from the sensor since seeing the humidity level, so I know that the device can send an email. The current humidity value is in red now, rather than the normal green.

Also, I'm using the nagios plug-in, with nagios 3.3.1. The nagios plugin is showing the the humidity at 2% lower than the sensor itself. Any ideas of why this is?

So, why hasn't the sensor sent me an alert given its current status?



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    Through a MIB Browser you can compare live values of the SNMP OID and from the web interface of the sensor.

    In respect to the email, it best to keep the repeat alert on so that you receive an alert even if there is a temporary issue on sending emails
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    Ok, I understand what to do for now about the different in humidity values between the web interface for the sensor and nagios.

    As to the email alerts, how do I keep the repeat alert on? I don't see an option for that in the email alert section of the web interface for the sensor. To date, the only emails I've ever received from the sensor are the test ones. I haven't received any emails when a sensor value is in the red.
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    Then this does mean you have not activated email alerting in the sensor status page - on the page where you see the actual readings you need to tick the box in the Email column
  • dlynumdlynum
    Ok, got it. I checked both the email and repeat alert boxes, and then clicked on update.

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