Gateway V5 has both power and sensor lights blinking and wont see wireless HUB

We have a V5 gateway connected to a wireless hub looking at 10 wireless temp sensors. When we installed them, setup went fine without any issues. About a week later when I tried to look at the data from them... the system would only display the internal temp sensor but none of the wireless temp sensors show up and the gateway wont show the wireless hub either. The Power and Sensor lights both blink together constantly. I have factory reset the device several times, and have reinstalled the V7.41 firmware twice and I get the same result every time. I need assistance getting this fixed.



  • DhaneDhane
    edited June 2018
    Have you tried changing ports of the wireless hub to the gateway?
    Could you verify also if the wireless hub LED blinking?
    And kindly check the ethernet cable, if possible could you use a known working cable?
  • Josh_HopkinsJosh_Hopkins
    I tried to connect the wireless hub to both ports on the gateway. The LED on the Wireless hub blinks really lightly... you actually have to put your hand over it to see it blink. And I have tried several different sets of cable. I even tested the cables with a network meter to verify it was a good cable.
  • DhaneDhane
    If you have an extra wireless hub, you could try and check if its working on the same gateway to see if it works
  • Josh_HopkinsJosh_Hopkins
    I have tried that as well. The same thing happens on the other wireless hub. Light blinks very dimly with same issue on the Gateway.
  • SchottkySchottky
    Have you tried to plug the wireless hub to other Gateway?This is just to isolate the problem if it is on the Gateway or in the wireless hub.
  • Josh_HopkinsJosh_Hopkins
    Yes, I have tried that and get the same result. It looks like a Gateway problem to me.
  • DhaneDhane
    To summarise, correct me if i'm worng

    GateWay1 = WirelessHub1 (dim light) (both ports)
    GateWay1 = WirelessHub2 (dim light) (both ports)

    Gateway2 = WirelessHub1 (dim light) (both ports)
    Gateway2 = WirelessHub2 (dim light) (both ports)

    Are you using PoE?
    If you have a power adapter for the Gateway, could you also try if it has the same issue for both gateways
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