Sensors not detected

We are setting up ServersCheck 5.1 which has about 5 sensors connected. These sensors were detected without any issue but suddenly dispersed. Firmware has been upgraded to version 8 but still no luck.
Has anyone come across this before?
If resetting the device is the last option please let me know how this is done.


  • AdministratorAdministrator
    When seeking assistance from the community, then please be accurate and provide clear info:
    - ServersCheck 5.1 => is that an InfraSensing SensorGateway hardware version 5.1 or firmware 5.1?
    - 5 sensors connected it => are you using a Sensorhub and which sensors are connected to it
    - what do you mean with "dispersed" sensors?
  • StreliziaStrelizia
    You could try Firmware Reset first see their User Manual page95
    and which sensors have you connected?
    are you using a sensorhub?
    which power supply are you using? poe or adapter?
  • DihanDihan
    Hi Admin and Strelizia,
    Sorry, my mistake with lack of information. It is:
    Hardware VersionRelease 5.1
    Firmware VersionRelease 8.00 (Feb 12 2019)

    The word should read as disappeared. Power adapter is used to power the wireless ad-on which then powers the Base unit. 2nd power adapter connected to 'AC Power Failure Sensor'

    Connected sensors:
    Base Unit (SensorGateway)
    Wireless Add-On for Base Unit
    Sensorhub - 8 Ports Hub
    Temperature and Humidity Sensor
    AC Power Failure Sensor Probe (110v-240v)
    Smoke Sensor UL
  • StreliziaStrelizia
    I am thinking that there might be a conflict on your configuration as the Base-Unit only supports 1 expansion hub in which yours have 2 expansion hub on a single Base-Unit
  • DihanDihan
    Since setting up all the devices connected to the base hub all were detected. For couple of months the unit was not connected to the internet hence alerts were not working. After it was connected I was setting up alerts, that's when all devices disappeared.
    At this point Firmware was upgraded from 7.5 to 8.00 but the issue remains.
  • StreliziaStrelizia
    edited April 2019
    I don't think connecting it to the Internet will likely cause problems, but since it states here that 1 Base-Unit : 1 Expansion Hub

    Try testing the expansion hubs separately and check if sensors connected to them will disappear.
  • dtaylordtaylor
    I have tried upgrading firmware to version 8.0 and it breaks the unit as well & I have to do a factory reset. My hardware is version 5.1 and it doesn't seem to matter which firmware version I am upgrading is sitting on firmware 7.50 and breaks. The others are on much lower firmware versions and break as well. Is there a link somewhere to download 7.50 since I know it works?
  • AdministratorAdministrator
    Post from dfrench will be removed - duplicate entry
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