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I'm evaluating ServersCheck to replace a competing product and I'm having a problem with getting multiple false alarms when doing a URL check. Using the competing product I am able to set up checks every two minutes and if four of these checks fail in a row (for a total of 6 minutes of overall 'down time') an alert is sent. With ServersCheck, it appears that after a single failure, the 'retries' are done immediately (so the total server 'down time' is actually only the few seconds it took ServersCheck to immediately retest the URL four times). Because of this, even a minor network glitch of a few seconds has the potential for sending an alert.

Personally, I would the like web server to be _repeatedly_ detected as 'down' over a span of at least 6 minutes before getting a 4am wakeup call. Is there some way to do this with ServersCheck? If not, is there some way to set up the ServersCheck software to check a URL without getting a bunch of false alarms?

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    In the current ServersCheck does it one after the other (the retries). I have passed this as an enhancement request to our development team.

    For now I would recommend to increase the number of retries.

    I wouldn't want to receive a false alarm at 4am :-)


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    One thing you could do is write an app such as a simple bat file to write out to a file.. this would be your precheck...

    something like a file C:precheckdown.bat that says

    echo down > C:precheck.log

    Then you have a file C:precheckup.bat

    echo up > C:precheck.log

    You would have one check that runs the down when it is down and another that runs the up file when it is up.. then you have a third check to read the content of the file to see if the check is down or not.. the last check is the only one that actually alerts... The larger interval is on the last check..

    This of course is just a possibility... the bad thing is you cant specify different command line parameters for the check status without defining a new check... if you could then you could do it with only two checks.. just write a single bat file that reacts differently for different situations.

    Just a thought...

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