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My serverscheck proffesional does not seem to produce HTML reports correctly.
In the OUTPUT/HTML directory there is a realtime DEFAULT.HTML but there are no HTML files for each check i run.
So the links that are created in the DEFAULT.HTML are not working.
The configfile says HTML is TRUE.
The graphs for all checks are created, but not the HTML files.


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    Dear Harald,

    in the Professional version, ServersCheck creates one HTML report with an overview of all checks. In the Enterprise version, ServersCheck creates the same HTML report overview plus separate ones per group of check but not for each check individually.

    The reason for not having individual HTML pages is that all data related to a check can be found in the overview (so default.html) one. Historic reporting can be found in the graphs for each graph.

    When you set the option to NO then it will not be included in the default.html


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  • haraldharald

    I think we do not understand each other clearly.
    The HTML report created is simply not working correctly.
    The mainpage of the report (default.html) contains an overview of all my checks, but the links in the overview (the checknames in the left column) should open a set of 2 or 3 graphs, like in the demo, but that doesn work.
    The links are broken, if I check them it appears that I am missing HTML files.
    So yes, it creates 1 report, but the report contains broken links, links that point to HTML files that carry the same name as my checks.

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    we found the issue. Some code was ommitted in the update to 4.3.0 We apologize for that.

    It will be fixed in 4.3.1 scheduled for tomorrow. Once again our apologies.


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  • haraldharald

    No need to apologise, i am glad you found the problem and await the release of 4.3.1
    Thank you for your swift service.

  • haraldharald

    Any news on the new 4.3.1 release ?
    I ask since the RELEASE forum does not mention any 4.3.x release at all.

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    4.3.1 is currently being documented. Once documentation is completed, we will release it (and also post in the release forum).

    Based upon previous experiences, it should be within the next 24 hours that 4.3.1 comes out.

    New feature will be voice phone alerting


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  • AdministratorAdministrator
    4.3.1 has been released.


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  • haraldharald

    Well, I installed the 4.3.1 version.
    It created the HTML files for each check I have, but they are all empty.
    And the DEFAULT.HTML is now NOT created.
    I then installed the new 4.3.5 version to no avail.
    I do have the HTML files for eacht check in the OUTPUT directory but they are no use and I do not have a default.html
    Wich process takes care of producing these html files anyway ?
    Oh, the GIFS for each check are produced ok, that is no problem.

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    Dear harald,

    after a check with some other users, I am convinced that something else is wrong as it works fine with them.

    1. What is the version when you double click on s-server.exe?

    2. What is the version of the s-service.exe

    3. Could you email following to

    - serverlog.txt

    - serverscheck.conf

    - serverscheck.dat

    - all files in the Output directories


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  • haraldharald

    I started collecting the data you requested and had a look myself.
    The servercheck.conf file I had seen before because I played around with it.
    I noticed the HTML setting was set to 'TRUE' whilst other settings were set to 'true'
    I put in 'true' (lowercase) and my problem was solved !
    I am very sorry that I did not notice this earlyer, but I did not suspect the setting to be case sensitive.

    Thank you for your support.

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