Problem with .lic file


We purchased Serverscheck Pro with a .lic file for Version 4.2.x .This file is in use with a download of Serverscheck Version 4.3.x (Date 01/05/2004). It runs on a Wint Server Sp6 Server.
The Problem:
After install the 4.2.x lic file Serverscheck still runs as a Freeware Version.
Is there a resolution for that Problem ?

Help welcome !!

Regards from Berlin



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    as stated in the email that came witht he license file it is only valid for 4.2.x versions. If you have purchased a support and maintenance agreement, then you can get a new license key by going to the helpdesk at

    You can also contact us at

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  • rkuehlerkuehle

    Thnak you for service


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