not works

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helllo i have alicense pro on xp pro

seems that workl burt after some it seeems stills

can you help me?




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    Could you please explain a bit further because it is not very clear.

    So you are using the PRO version on Windows XP/PRO and after some time it stops to work is that correct? When you say it stops to work do you mean that the ServersCheck service is no longer running or that you can not access it through http://localhost:1272

    If it is the service that stopped, can you then please go to the Event Viewer and tell us the error message in there.

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    i'm sorry, but my english is poor

    The service work well but not perform the check

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    No problem.

    Could you please email to all your *.conf files in the main ServersCheck directory.

    We will check it out


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