Problem monitoring PROCESS


When I add a process to monitor on my local host I get the following message:

"User Credentials cannot be user for local connections."
can I not monitor a process on my local system?
I have tried the administrator and my own user, both have administrator capabilities. The system is not part of a domain, but I did try putting "WORKGROUP" in front of the user. I have tried putting a "." in front of the user, that did not help either.
I just downloaded the software last week (1-11-04), so I think I have the latest version.
I would appreciate your help.


  • guestdltguestdlt

    Just as an update, I also went through the process of adding an administrator Logon access in the W2K service, based on the Help information.


  • AdministratorAdministrator
    You can not monitor a process on the same computer running ServersCheck.


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    I am monitoring a process on a local machine.. I added a fake computer name and credentials to check it with.. then open the serverscheck.conf and remove those entries.. make sure you still have the delimiters in the file though.
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