url must be absolute


Hi support.

I try to make a urllist.txt for URL Checks.

the txt file is under the 'agents' directory and contains several lines:



The system say DOWN with error : url must be absolute.

Something I did wrong?

Thanks in advance.


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    http:// is missing in front of each domain name


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    Unfortunately the "Read URL 's from file" option doesn't work... when I enable it, and return to its configuration it seems to be disabled, never got any notification so far...

    Isn't it possible to extend this option in next releases so that it 'll be possible to specify more than one URLLIST file (one per server)?

    Using the URLLIST from file option, is it possible to get a notification which includes the name of the site which went down?

    Thank you,

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    Using the Read URL's from file, I get "404 Object not found" however the site is up and the server can access it.

    Any idea?


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    I have passed it on to our development team and there is an engineer working on it so that it should be ready with the 5.0 release of ServersCheck scheduled for next week.

    Could you email the urllist.txt file to support@serverscheck.com?


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