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I`m trying to add a MS Exchange 2000 perf counter with out any luck. anyone have any ideas?

<SCRIPT src= "></SCRIPT>
Testing Settings

We will now test the settings you specified for the PERFCOUNT monitoring rule.

<FORM name=checksdef onsubmit="return checkrequired(this)" action=addwizard3.html method=get> na1fcm51SMTP Server(_Total)Categorizer Queue Lengthfordna1$jharr302Y@htz33" name=def> Executing monitoring rule...

Monitoring rule has been completed. These are the results:
Result: DOWN?
Error Returned: "ERROR: Performance counter retrieval failed with error code: 800007D3"
Value Returned: </FORM>


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    The account under which you were logged on on the computer running ServersCheck, does it also have admin rights on the remote MS Exchange 2000 computer.

    When running the Test Settings it uses the user credentials under which the configuration server was started.

    When the check runs, then it uses the user credentials under which the monitoring service was started (by default this is Local System which causes remote checks not work)


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    OK thanks. one more question. This software does not load any thing onto the remote server correct?
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    Correct. It uses WMI to collect that data.


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