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I seem to have a weird bug: in the interactive menu i get "Action canceled" (IE error message) in the main part of the application, at the bottom i see "Home", "Menu" and "Exit" links. And "Configure checks" at top. If i click any of these i get the same; white squares with "Action canceled" in them.

The strange thing is that i looked at the properties (from right-click menu) and entered the URL http://localhost:1272/ in my web browser and it works from there...

But looking at the above mentioned URL in the web browser ONLY works if the interactive menu is running in the background.



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    Dear b.

    The configuration (s-server.exe) in the current architecture restarts itself every n hours. You were trying to access it while the configuration server was restarting. When you accessed it with the browser it was also restarted.

    The configuration server can be accessed by the built interactive menu or by a browser (cfr help and link in the program menu folder) by going to http://localhost:1272 PRO users can also access it remotely.

    In the new release the s-server has been redesigned so that the restart is no longer needed.

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    Hi, I am evaluating 2.5.2b and I always can not access http://localhost:1272 by my IE, even Configuration Server being started. why ? Run on W2K SP2.

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    is the process s-server.exe running? (from the Task Manager - Processes tab)
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    The problem comes frm the IE going through proxy. It's OK now by disabling it.
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