sensor gateway connection reset

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We bought two sensor gateways version2.

Both of them are reachable by using ping.

However when trying to get a browser conenction it tells us the connection has been reset by peer.


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    Now not only a conenction reset but the conenction is very unstable. very often nagios complains aboiut a timeout. I increased the snmp timeout in both the perl script and in de check_snmp to about 30 seconds and it still times-out about 10 times a day.
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    What firmware are you using and which browser version?
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    firmware version 1.2 accoording to the device

    we tried multiple browsers ie 7,8,9 ff 3,4 chrome and safari

    on all the same problem.

    Also snmp (which has nothing to do with webbrowsers also fails multiple times a day
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    Seems more like a network issue than a sensor issue with the connection reset message and being replicated on the SNMP side. There was a known SNMP issue but that was fixed in firmware 1.2

    Anyone else experiencing same issue as described by above user? If so then specify network config between sensor and browser / SNMP tool.
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    It still fails to connect regularly.

    We even connected an external powersuply instead of PoE but still nothing. Even directly in the same switch as the nagios server.
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    Please check your email for a message, thank you!
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