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SMS alerting 1. We did not receive activation code for some of the numbers, what can be done about this.

2. A client who got his activation mistakenly deleted it, how can we get back the activation code.


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    Getsy, as asked previously kindly open a new thread if the issue is different from the original one.

    1. This is most likely an issue with your mobile operator. Some operators do not having roaming fully implemented and as such SMS messages may not be received. This is especially true in Africa.

    2. We need the number of the client to manually reset the activation. This takes approximately 1 week.
  • 1. All numbers that were sent are all from the same mobile operator. This project is for this same mobile operator.

    2. A total of 38 phone numbers where sent for activation code, the numbers below did not receive their code, could you please do this manually and sent to us.





















  • Some telephone numbers were sent to you 3 February, 2014 for activation since we could not receive the activation code. Please we need these numbers activated as soon as possible. we are unable to commission our project with the few numbers that have been activated previously.

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    As stated previously this will be done by February 10.
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    The requested numbers have been removed
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