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Hello there,

We have just purchased our sensor gateway , the model with 3G 4 G connectivity. Unfortunately it says no SIM detected, IMEI number unknown.

Is there any special setup to do regarding the setup of SIM card . Is it compatible with all cell phone providers , I am based in Europe, Belgium, provider is mobistar.

How do I deal with SIM card pin number ? . I have seen nothing in the documentation about this.

PS : A small sticker with sim card put on the sensor would be great.




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    edited July 2015
    the SIM card should have its PIN deactivated.

    the simcard goes to the side of the gateway and it should work with any local simcard. We made a video that shows how to set-up and configure the mobile sensorgateway.

    We have passed on your remarks regarding the user manual. Additional information has been included and a new version of the manual has been uploaded.

    Take a look at the video below:
  • gmiga76gmiga76
    Dear Support,

    Thanks a lot for your help . I ll try to deactivate the PIN code , if possible.


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