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I downloaded ver. 3.2.2 from your website yesterday to test it out to determine if I should be using it for my business. Everything was going fine until I added a 5th object (ping).

It went in and all the alerts are working fine. I deleted the server check for that test site (was used to determine if email was working correctly) and as soon as I did, I lost visual on all the rest of my checks with the exception of 1.

If I add that test site back in, I can see them all, but I get alarms from that test site. I decided to halt checking the test site to at least be able to see the others and of course, as soon as I did, bye bye to the rest.

I am sitting here currently with just 1 visual showing of the url, but the other 3 ping checks I have running are not visualized and I can not check on!

Up to this point, your program was moving ahead of the pack in features and price...BUT this bug will set it back to the starting line.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!



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    could you email your serverscheck.conf and serverscheck.dat file to

    I think I know where the problem is and I just want to verify it.


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