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Want to configure the software to monitor SNMP settings but not sure how to do so. For example I want to monitor some Windows 2K servers for Hard Drive free space. Can anyone provide me with some information about how I might accomplish this?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.


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    Dear Austin,

    there was a bug with SNMP and we solved it in release 3.3.1 which is now available for download.

    To monitor what you need, simply install the add-on SNMPW2K ( and then enter the OID for the disk space. You will be able to monitor it (like other things: CPU, Memory etc...)


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    I am still confused.. I installed the SNMP4W2K and even have a browser but how on earth do you make heads or tails out of the OIDs.. there are TONS and I dont even see logic to a way to find something that I would want.. can anyone help?
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    Dear user,

    please refer to for the different OID's and how to obtain them
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