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Hi, I am using the standar verion v3.1.0 .

Trying to set up smtp alerting. I entered the account information in set up. When alert goes off nothing is sent except for the network message. How can i set this up correctly. We have verizon mail and i think it supports smtp relay. Thank u.


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    Upgrade to release 3.3.1

    There is a bug in the test notification when you use SMTP authentication. To check your configuration in 3.3.1, it is best to test with a check and see if it generates an alert.

    When an email alert is sent, then you will see it in the log file SMTP.log in the same directory as your ServersCheck application.

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    hi, i found my problem. it looks like when i have a computername and e-mail entered in those who are alerted, only one works. when i removed the computername it sent the e-mail just fine. is there anyway for both computer and e-mail address be alerted at the same time? thanx

    and would i go on to make a database check for Access 2000 Database. By looking at the demo this is what i should use....but its not working.

    Driver={Microsoft Access Driver(*.mdb)};Dbq=D:***;Uid=admin; Pwd=

    thank you all.

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