Error Message when installing


When installing the programm an error occurs: when the programm tries to start s-service.exe the error message occurs: Dynamic Link Library LIBEAY32.dll not found.

no service - no testing :-(

I tried it on different computers, but the same everywhere. is ist because of the german version of w2k?



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    It seems to be an SSL related issue. You can download the DLL from following location:

    Copy it into your WinNT/System32 folder and register it by using regsvr32 "<your path to dll>/libeay32.dll"

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    Registering the mentioned dll doesn't help. Other error messages appear when registering and when installing :-(

    Thanks for your help either.


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    Issue resolved:

    we were able to solve the installation error some users have reported to us. The latest version is 2.1.4c and includes the installation patch.

    You can download it from the site or shortly from Tucows.
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