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I have the product working and I must say this is a great product. I seem to be having trouble making the Team Notifications work. Is there a way that I can log SMTP activity to see if it is actually attempting to email?

Basically the only way I can get it to send email is to define the email address on the alerts individually. The team notification does not work for me.

Thank you for your help

On a side note the grouping is a GREAT addition.. was wondering if you are planning to provide a view where you can see individual checks in a particual group only. I know you have the Show Groups Only but I was wondering if you might plan a "Show Group Members View" from the Show Groups View.

Thank you


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    Dear Guest,

    in the general logfile (in the logging directory) all alerting attempts are stored.

    I have passed your grouping suggestion to our development team for review.


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    I see where it sent the msg or at least tried but there is no debug info at all... the team isnt working for sending email. The indiidual defined email seems to be working ok.

    I have also found a problem in that I am deleting checks then adding the check back with the same name and I get two instances of it in the ServersCheck window... I now have 6 checks listed and I am on the demo version. The only way to remove them is to manually take the lines out of serverscheck.conf.

    Also in my log file I have tons of entries for cant open template file TRINITY_D:Drivespace.html.

    Any ideas on any of these?

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    I have even now totally removed all of my checks and I am still getting the template file error.
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    Also I have now removed all of my checks... and created a new one to monitor the service Messenger. It is detecting that the service is down but is not logging anywhere that it sent a message to the team.
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    After I cycled the service it appears the template prob went away.
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    What version are you using?
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    But it is still not working with Teams at all for a service check... havent checked for other checks..


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    what is your version?
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