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My users will view some basic server availability info. through a portlet (ASP) in a Corporate Portal that "scrapes" some information off the checks.html page. I am using the MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP object to download and parse the checks.html page. I am having some problems when my script encounters the login page instead of the page it expected (checks.html). Two questions:

1) Is it possible to disable the log-in requirement when accessing the ServersChecks server remotely (i.e. not localhost)?

2) Any insight into how one could auto login with a script? I am working on using the MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP to load login.html with a stored username/password in the querystring but I am not getting consistent results.

Thanks in advance for any info.


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    Dear Sir,

    there is a different option: it is to use the output file in the directory output/html and access is it via for example IIS. Many customers have implemented this way.

    Let me know if that is OK for you.


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    Perfect. Thanks and great product!
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