URL:Check; Proxy server format?


Hello all,

I've created a "URL: check if a web page contains a predefined check" and there's a possiblity to provide a Proxy server. What's the format of this proxy server?

I've tried all kinds of combinations, but nothing seems to work. The internal websites are working fine, except this external site. This is what I filled in:

Proxy Server: 'ip address' of the proxy server
User: 'domainuser' and I've tested only with 'user'
Password: 'password of the user'

I'm connecting with this account through the proxy server to the internet....
(The proxy port I use to connect is 8080, but I can't find a place to define that value.....)

The proxy settings are right and the website exists, also the predefined check text exists. Can somebody help me out? Thx!




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    Dear Marcel,

    The port is set behind the url so it would need to be


    (cfr help function - URL Check)


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