Proxy monitoring

I'm investigating the use of this software for our situation and wonder if someone can comment on applying it to our architecture.

We have a closed LAN that has no routed pathway to the internet. However, we do have a bridge PC running windows 7 that has two interfaces, one on the LAN and one on an unstable connection to the net.

This installation is at a remote site. I want status information from the machines in the LAN, which I can of course get by running software on the bridge PC. However, if the internet pathway to the bridge PC goes down, I won't know what's going on in my LAN from the outside world, even though the LAN machines may still be reporting to the bridge PC.

If I run monitoring software at our offices, can it monitor what's going on in the LAN by using some sort of proxy on the bridge PC? Would this allow me to distinguish bridge PC comm failures from LAN machine failures? For example, I would like to know the difference between a particular machine on the LAN being off-line and the bridge PC's comm line being down, which would also prevent information about LAN machines getting to the outside world.
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