Problem with EXTERNAL monitor

I have the latest version of ServersCheck 12.01.

When trying to use an External Tool to monitor, It says "File not found". I verified the files are in the correct directory .

This is the message I get when testing it:
Status: DOWN?
Error returned: C:\Program Files (x86)\ServersCheck_Monitoring\/external/MyBatchScriptHere File could not be found

Looking at the error, it looks like the path is the problem.
1. There is a "/" before external
2. The use of "/" doesn't work with Windows OS's assuming its using the command prompt to run the file.

Anyone know how I can adjust the path? I don't see it anywhere. This can also be a bug in the software.


  • AdministratorAdministrator
    Keep in mind that the software runs as a service - this means that it needs absolute path and access rights to that folder for the account under which the service runs
  • pitterchipitterchi
    I just changed the rights to the folder to give everyone Full Control and that didn't work. I don't think its an access issue. It really looks like a bug in the program. Is there a way to submit bug reports?

    I know this is a free software but it seems like you guys are updating with good frequency. Even with this issue, its a good product.
  • pitterchipitterchi
    Also want to mention that I don't choose the folder path. I just copy the file into the external directory inside the program files folder.
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