Monitoring Software v14 and Monitoring Appliance

edited September 2017 in Monitoring Software v12 and lower
We are pleased to announce that a brand new version of the Monitoring Software is in the works. The software has been re-engineered from the ground up with a new, simple, lean and responsive interface. v14 will be released in August 2017. A beta will be made publicly available by the end of July 2017.

We are also making it available in a DIN-rail or Rack mountable appliance -
You can pre-order the appliance at a special introductory price.

Due to the numerous changes unfortunately the software will not be backwards compatible. The licensing model will also change. The software is free for personal, private use only. Use by a for-profit or government organization requires a paid license.

The paid license fee is $299 for the first year and then $99 each following year.

You can pre-order the software or monitoring appliance from our online store at
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