Update process?


I currently have v14.1 installed and would like to update it often with every new release of the software. Is there an update process I can follow or do I have to uninstall the previously installed version then install the new version every time?



  • PocholloPochollo

    I think you can upgrade through the software folder there is an application called "Upgrade" which automatically checks the most recent software.
  • dbcrvldbcrvl
    Thanks, I just did that. Had v14.1 installed, ran the upgrade.exe program, it found a new version, it downloaded the new files, restarted the service and said all was good, but at the bottom of every page it still says 14.1, so looks like it was not updated?
  • PocholloPochollo

    I think mine is the same .. the fixes mentioned was applied to my software after the update so it might just be a typo error with the title or its just fixes for the 14.1 version so they did not bother changing the software name.
  • dbcrvldbcrvl
    Thanks, I used the upgrade.exe tool this time and it updated properly and it is showing v14.2.1 now in the footer.
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