16 I/P Dry Contact Sensor

When the dry contact sensor receives 16 Trig states the unit goes unresponsive firmware 7.41
All good up to 15 Trig.

Seems to work fine on older firmware.


  • AdministratorAdministrator

    1/ All 16 IO ports are in alert state - correct?
    2/ What type of alert notification is set: email / SMS / SNMP trap ?
    3/ Is the repeat alarms option turned on or off?
  • Test setup. Set 15 ports in alert. I/P 16 now set to normally closed with no input on terminal . Apply. Display now reads I/Ps 1-15 in alert and I/P 16 OK. Should read 1-16 alert. Change the state on I/P 1 to OK. Display now reads I/P 1 OK I/P 2-16 alert. Change the state on I/P 1 to alert. Display now reads I/P 1 OK I/P 2-16 alert. Should read I/P 1-16 alert.

    The system does not display 16 alerts it latches on the last I/P that was OK and does not change its status.

    1) Yes
    2) None
    3 Yes

  • Hello Admin

    Any updates on above ?



  • adminadmin
    edited December 2017
    Hi Paul,

    We apologize for not giving out an update , the set up that you have was replicated at our research and development lab and they have experienced the same issue as what you have. As such our R&D team is now working on it to fix this bug and release an update.

    Thank you for your patience!
  • PaulHPaulH
    Hello Admin

    Any updates on this ?

  • timbtimb

    What specific firmware version is this working?
    Is it working on yours on the 3.20 firmware?
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