SMS not registering numbers

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Hi, I just purchased 500 credits of SMS however, when I try to add additional numbers, recipients don't receive the message. I have tried different numbers (verizon and att) and get the same result. The two number I have tried adding are: 571XXXXX and 70381XXXX. My number is already registered and I did get a message when I put in the uid (314EC9FE18C54B3) and passcode from your website. Any ideas? I don't believe the carries are blocking the number. We have two of the sensor gateway and both are on the latest firmware level 7.41. Tim


  • AdministratorAdministrator
    You forgot to add the country code +1 571....
  • temmelltemmell
    Thanks for the input. Actually, I did include the country code from the drop down and when I added the number. I also tried adding 1 before the number which put two, number 1 in front of the number, which didn't work.
  • AdministratorAdministrator
    Do you see in the SMS history the text messages sent to them?
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