Not receiving SMS verification code

I am a US based customer on the Verizon Wireless cellular network. I am not receiving the SMS verification code. Can you confirm that the code is being sent and where it is coming from so I can check with my carrier to make sure it is not being blocked. Thanks.


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    scrcit we would need the 6 last digits of your phone number to check with our upstream providers
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    The number it would be sent from is +17184879472

    In the mean time an update was posted onto with improved feedback. For your number the following error is reported: ERR: 121, Destination mobile number blocked

    Have you blocked our number?

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    If it is, it is at the carrier side. I am aware of no blocks that I have placed that would prevent that number. I will check with my carrier.
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    scrcit we have received a message that the block was lifted upstream. It should work now. Can you test and confirm?

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    Still nothing on my end. Used two different lines and both IOS and Android phones. I am still waiting on Verizon to get back with me on whether a block is in place on my lines. Thanks.
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    scrcit we got some additional feedback. The issue relates to your number.

    Status: Unavailable
    Number: XXXXXXXX372316
    Error: Unknown Subscriber
    Description: message is rejected because there is no directory number for the mobile subscriber (GSM 09.02).

    The above mentioned description is the reason for the SMS failure. You will need to contact your network provider and advise them that your number appears as an "Unknown Subscriber".
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    Thanks for your help. I will work with my provider to troubleshoot further.
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    scrcit you may want to try again - another issue was fixed with another subscriber and maybe it will work now for you too...
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