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I received warning and down email alert from the NMS v14 but the email does not show any content such as value of the temperature. Kindly advice. Tq


  • timbtimb
    Hi kelvinhoh ,

    What specific version of the Monitoring software do you have?
    You may try to update it to the latest one -

    Whenever I get email alerts, it includes the return value of the sensor. So I know the value when it has the alert.

    This gives me a message something link this:

    Status of Int. Temp1 changed to DOWN at Thu May 17 19:03:50 2018.

    Error: 76.63 (returned value) < 15 OR 76.63 (returned value) > 41
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    i using the latest version.

    Status of Temp-Room changed to WARNING at Thu May 17 16:14:31 2018.


  • 2020S2020S
    same here - email alerts do not have any real usable data.
  • PocholloPochollo
    You guys need to uninstall the software completely then install the latest one
  • 2020S2020S

    Best I can tell I am running the latest - You are running the Monitoring Software v14.2.4 (Build 2018012201)
  • AdministratorAdministrator
    Plus run the alerting module in debug mode.

    1/ Kill the s-alerts.exe process from your task manager
    2/ Go the ServersCheck main directory
    3/ Open the command prompt and cd to the main ServersCheck directory
    4/ Type following in the command prompt:
    s-alerts.exe > debug.txt

    Trigger an alert and reply with the content of the debug.txt file
  • 2020S2020S
    I do not have an s-alerts.exe service running.

  • 2020S2020S
  • AdministratorAdministrator
    you actually do - the ServersCheck Alerting Module is the s-alerts.exe. Click on the properties and you'll see
  • 2020S2020S
    I opened a ticket with support and pasted the results there.
  • AdministratorAdministrator
    bailmon ok - colleagues from support will then look into it. closing this thread
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