Configuring Security Probe - Door Sensor

Hi, i need help in configuring the Door Sensor with Monitoring Appliance V14+. the sensor triggers and sends notification from Sensor Gateway, but when the sensor Gateway is added to Monitoring Appliance, i am not able to get the door sensor & Smoke Detector sensor probes to work properly as in the monitoring Appliance it is showing as "DOWN" when there is trigger. I need assistance to know what is the right way to configure both Smoke & door sensors?


  • SchottkySchottky
    edited July 2018
    Hello Scitanzania ,
    May I know what version are you using?
    You can download the latest version on the website.
  • scitanzaniascitanzania
    Hi Elise26, thank you for your comment. i am running the latest monitoring sofware version and the sensor gateway firmware version. i have managed to complete the setup using 3rd party snmp and is working like a charm.
  • SchottkySchottky
    Hello Scitanzania, that's good to hear.
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