This used to work. I have SMS / Voice checked on my devices. Have tried unchecking and updating and then checking and updating. If I click under submit on SMS and Voice Call Alert Settings, I do receive a test TEXT. When I cause a Power Fail on PowerFail1, it says it has failed. I can see it in my browser under the IP address as the status changes. But I don't receive a TEXT. When I plug the PowerFail1 sensor back in, still no TEXT. I have been told I have 160 message credits that are usable by people in your sales area. I had just purchased 100 more because I though the other 60 credits had expired (they were from last year). I'm also told it won't help to generate a new UID and PIN...that would have no effect on text messages. So why aren't text messages working for me? The last time I had a successful text message sent to me was 5-1-18.Capture2


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    FYI you are not running the latest firmware.

    Aside from that have you checked the Alert History tab?

  • Here is a slice of it...since I was a bit confused about the dates and not taking that the dates are correct for granted, I checked in between failing the Power and recovering and I couldn't find any difference, so no, I don't think the Alert History is getting bumped at all. So what does that mean?Capture4
  • I should have checked this first...I rebooted the base and now I am getting text messages when the sensor fails. Thank you for getting back to me. What is involved in upgrading the firmware?
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