Some rules stop executing


Since some time (I don't know exactly when) some rules stop being executed. They show OK state but if you see the last execution, it was hours ago. And on the graphs you see a lot of spaces withud data.

When services are restarted they works again, but some minutes or hours after, some of them stops.

If I perform a manual check it works. I've executed the aaplication in debug mode and I see on the log file that some of these rules shows this:

# S-X Tue Nov 6 16:32:31 2018 thread 1 (S-1) MONITORING - 1315557931URL for 0 secs threadtime: 1541517478 - timediff: 873
# S-X Tue Nov 6 16:32:31 2018 thread 1 (S-1) thread is hanging for more than 5 minutes due to unresponsive check 1315557931URL - Exiting app to have it restarted - Bye bye

It happens with URL rules but also with PING and others.

Any idea?

Thanks a lot,


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    Often this may be related to a virus scanner or similar being present that blocks the calls
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