Correct OID for shock sensor?

TLDR: I need help completing the command: snmpget -v 2c -c public hostname ServersCheck:: for a shock sensor connected to a temperature sensor & gateway. Hardware is from Dec 2018.

We would like to poll readings from shock probes via snmp. I have downloaded the mib to ~/.snmp/mibs from ServersCheck's downloads site ( I've been able to do this by manually identifying the OID from an snmp walk, but I need to be able to do it from the mib spec.


  • sensor212sensor212

    Serverscheck products are modular so that means you can plug and play any of the sensors on the ports of a Sensorgateway or if you use a Sensorhub. So that means, the OIDS of a particular sensor will change depending if you plug just one sensor or two or multiple sensors with the Hub.
    The best way to do is to do an snmp walk to identify the particular OID of the sensor and use that particular OID to poll the readings and if you want to input that reading onto your SNMP software.

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