Trouble Setting up Leak Detection Sensor in PRTG.

Trying to set up Leak Detection Sensor in PRTG. Have successfully set up SNMP Custom sensor and found the correct OID. Value is created and show Absolute. Think I'm failing in the Channel Unit settings. Don't know what to put for unit settings. Here is the OID I scraped from the sensor.

Name/OID: .; Value (OctetString): Flooding1


  • AdministratorAdministrator
    Seems like you're not using the correct OID. Flooding1 would be the name of the sensor; not its state.

    State would either be WET or DRY. WET is the one you want to set your trigger on.
  • pixelsaladpixelsalad
    Ok I've found the OID for WET, but I'm not sure what to put for the Channel Values for it to use. Or is there an MIB I can import.
  • sensor212sensor212
    edited January 2019
    Hi pixelsalad ,

    The MIB File can be downloaded from the downloads section of Serverscheck website -
    You may then be able to upload it on your SNMP software (PRTG).

    I think there is also a guide specific for PRTG that is on their website. You may check on this link -
    There is one there for PRTG that might be helpful to you.

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