JSON probe_update contains extra probe

Im currently connecting our probes with out monitoring system. In probe list I have 9 probes (information there reflects out probes), but in probe update I have 1 extra probe record:
"probe_id": 10,
"probe_type": 9,
"status": [1],
"value": [40]
I will ignore it for now, but I am curious what it is and why its there.


  • sensor212sensor212
    edited February 2019

    I am thinking you have an extra probe on your list because the Sensorgateway has a built in temperature sensor. So if you have additional 9 other probes, + 1 on the Sensorgateway temp sensor so that makes it 10.

    May I know what type of sensors do you have?
  • Filip SirokyFilip Siroky
    Hey, sorry, I forgot about this question. Its not the internal temperature from the sensor gateway as I can see the internal temperature under probe id 1. Then probe id 5 to 9 are empty (probe type 99). Probe id 10 is not even showing on the http://IP_ADDRESS/probe_list.json, but is on the http://IP_ADDRESS/probe_update.json an always is value 40.

    We have temperature and humidity, water and smoke probes. And the hub to connect them. Ah, maybe its the hub, but that makes it confusing and either should be in the prove list or should not be in probe update.
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