E-mail alert variables

When setting up e-mail alerts I see a subject field and a body field. What kind of variables can I use in the body field? Currently the e-mails follow the following format:

Alert:On 11 February 2019,17:11:56 (GMT-5) Temperature : RECOVER (66.22)


  • ZonkerZonker
    edited February 2019
    I may have faced the same issue. With V5 hardware sensor gateway, I was trying to get useful sensor readings into the email alerts from the unit, particularly our AC Power Sensor. I was able to send emails, but the body text and the unit SNMP name and location are all that I got.

    It turned out that I was triggering Test Messages by changing settings for the emails. When I finally tried setting bogus alarm thresholds (so the sensor was in violation of a threshold), a normal email was triggered which included the desired info on the variable(s) in alarm. :-)
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