Communicate with thermal sensor directly without SensorGateway

Thermal image sensorThermal image sensor
I'm interested in below Thermal sensors... of cause other sensors ( next stage)

We intend to integrate your sensors into our system, and promote it in TW/CN market.
Some questions needs your help to clarify if possible.
Because we already have a multi-functional system, so we don't need extra software functions in SensorGateway.
Hope that we still can communicate with Thermal sensors or other sensors directly without SensorGateway.

1. Does each thermal sensor has its own IP?
2. What communication protocol between ThermalSensor and SensorGateway?
3. May I have technical document for how to use http REST API to connect to sensors directly?
 eg. 1. how to change IP via http?
   2. how to get all points temperature values via http?
   3. how to get thermal image via http?
4. Notice frame rate just only 0.5 fps. Quite low, why?
  Most related products, at least, function with 7~9 fps above.
5. Finally, just a suggestion... Medium/Large Thermal sensor only can detect temperature value up to 120 C.
 That's lowest specification in the worldwide market I have seen.
 Is it possible enhance it to about 200 C?


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    The Sensorgateway is the logical unit of our sensors and is always required. The Sensorgateway provides power and data to the sensor. Data communication is through a proprietary protocol. Although we use a RJ45 cable, it is not an IP connectivity between the sensor and the Sensorgateway

    Our sensors are designed for industrial applications; not surveillance. They typically monitor electrical equipment (bus bars) and to monitor server racks / hot- cold aisles etc... They are designed to be integrated into BMS and NMS platforms. It sounds like your application is very different compared to what it was designed for.

    The ENV-THIMG-L and the ENV-THIMG-S have a larger temperature scale: 450 and 300C respectively.
  • Thermal image sensorThermal image sensor
    It's pity.
    If you can release or change the proprietary protocol between thermal sensor and Sensorgateway, we can do a lot of applications.
    And, maybe frame rate can be increased by connecting to thermal sensor from PC base application directly.
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    This is unfortunately not on our roadmap. The PC function you describe is what our base unit does (and a lot more). We only focus on industrial applications.
  • Thermal image sensorThermal image sensor
    We do apply our system to industrial applications, eg. motor monitoring, heat pipe monitoring... etc
    End user (customer) always want a better system with good price, they will check software/hardware specification comparison from many system integrators.
    That means we need to spend a lot of effort to explain why our system is 0.5 fps (if we adopt your sensors), and others are 9 fps above.
    To end user, they may think of our system is a small arms. (Even though it's NOT truth)

    Still thanks for your demonstration... we will continue to pay attention on your products, especially enhanced ones.
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