Airflow sensor status problem

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I have a Airflow sensor connected to the SensorGateway v5 with the latest firmware (v8.00). Airflow sensors are not showing status:

Even when I try to update the warning and down ranges for the Airflow sensors, the warning range field is always colored red, as if the input value is out of range:

The problem is only related to Airflow sensors, other sensors have no problem with reporting their status.

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  • AdministratorAdministrator
    Try replacing the 0,5 with 0.5
  • HijenaHijena
    I have tried, but it doesn't help. When I click Update, the value is saved as 0,5.
  • HijenaHijena
    When I open the page on a server, where the language is set to English, so "." is used as a decimal separator. But the problem is still there:

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  • StreliziaStrelizia
    Hello tried to change my sensor value to
    Warning 1< and Down 1.5<
    even tried this
    Warning 1< and Down 0.5<

    might be a browser issue
    please try to clear cache and cookies - it might help
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