I have setup Solarwinds to monitor SNMP Traps generated by Sensor Gateways.

If I have SNMP Version set to 1 for SNMP Traps it sends everything with . In this case, I already got the MIB file of Enterprise ID .17095 from
If I change to SNMP 2c for traps, everything is sent with . and I don't have the MIB file of this.

Can get the MIB file of OID .

Monitoring Software firmware version: 12.0.1
Base Unit firmware version: 6.0


  • PocholloPochollo
    Hi KWHST,

    So basically you poll the data from your gateway going to your software version 12.0.1 and then traps are sent to your Solarwinds receiver from the ServersCheck software.

    By the way here is the link for the MIB file of ServersCheck

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