Upgrade FW & lost hub sensors

Good Afternoon,

today I upgrade my Base-unit from "7.45 beta" to "8.00" firmware version.
The hardware is 5.1 version

This Base-Unit is connected to 4xport Hub.
Before the upgrade I saw more sensors (Flir motion, light, Humidity, Shock, Dew point, ...), but after these sensors are lost.
How is the problem?
Have you got some ideas to resolve the problems?
Thanks in advance


  • SchottkySchottky
    Hello Fabrizio,

    EXP-4HUB was not yet fully integrated to the released firmware version 8.0
    Sensors are not yet displayed on OLED as well as on the GUI.
    The only thing available on GUI was the Input and Output.

    Full functionality of EXP-4HUB will be available on the next firmware release.

  • fabrizio_sysnetfabrizio_sysnet
    Hello Schottky,

    thanks for your support.
    I would like return to a previous FW version (7.5 for example).
    Where I can download it?

  • FinleyFinley
    hello Fabrizio,

    I think it was not available on website but
    I made a copy of it from support email could you try to download the link below
  • fabrizio_sysnetfabrizio_sysnet
    now the base unit is returned to go as before the upgrade.

  • FinleyFinley
    You're welcome Fabrizio.
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