Water sensor probes corrode

I tested a SpotDetection water sensor with the probes poking into a dish of water. After one day, one probe had all of its chrome coating stripped at the tip, the other probe is badly discolored. Looks to be copper underneath the coating, does not seem to affect sensing, but it's mildly concerning. Perhaps some electrolytic reaction from dc voltage. Anyone with a similar experience?


  • FinleyFinley
    Hi La_Fong, did your Water Spot Sensor trigger to "WET" state at the first place when you put the 2 metal probes on the dish of water?
  • La_FongLa_Fong
    Yes, it properly shows WET and DRY, even after the corrosion. I was testing the SNMP OIDs.
  • FinleyFinley
    Hi La_Fong, factors that may affect probably in the corrosion of the 2 rods of Water Spot Sensor is the stray current and it's exposure to high impurities present on the water. One impurities that may corrode metal is the presence of salt in the water. We also have Water Spot Sensor by which on one end of the metal rod, the metal coating at the tip was stripped out.
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