Monitoring Software v15.0 issues

I noticed a new version of monitoring software (v15.0) was released a little while ago and i installed asap hoping that it would fix the issues I was having. Unfortunately, none of my issues were resolved and didn't notice any difference between 14.4.0 and 15.0. Is there a changelog for 15.0? I wasn't able to find anything.

These are the issues I'm having with it -

1) I can't schedule reports to be sent by email. I go through the process of creating the reports and think it's okay, but the emails are never sent. Other emails are sent for WARNING and DOWN for vairous sensors, so I know the email settings are correct.
2) In the graph view for a sensor, the "download as" for all options (PDF, JPG, SVG, PNG) doesn't work (nothing happens). I tried a couple of different browsers with no luck. The "save as" DOES work though!
3) the > and < for temperature probes are still kind of glitchy for defining thresholds for WARNING and DOWN. I noticed that it takes a couple of times hitting save for a probe before > and < are, but eventually will work.

Here's a little of the background of my setup
1) I'm using a PAID version of monitoring software
2) It's hosted on prem using a Windows Server 2016 virtual machine (non-appliance)
3) I'm using stunnel for HTTPS access to the monitoring software webpage
4) I'm using v15.0, but also used 14.4.4 and had the same problems.

Anyone else having similar problems?


  • adminadmin
    hi futureman,

    Reports scheduling and "Download as" are known bugs and will be fixed in future releases

    Here is the link for our software release notes
  • TechnicalSupportTechnicalSupport
    Is there an update on this?
  • hi futureman,

    The features are slatted on our roadmap with regards software updates, however due to the pandemic we do not have our regular operations and currently our R&D efforts are dedicated to further develop and enhance our solutions for helping to limit the spread of the Corona (Covid-19) virus and flattening the curve.

    Rest assured that it will be done in future releases of our software.

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