firmware update failed on v3 sensor due to version mistake


I've attemp an firmware update on a v3 unit and it failed.

While looking for a solution on the internet I discovered that there was an error in the version displayed so I flashed the wrong firmware.

Here the note from :

"Kindly note that due to a mistake in the boot loader of v3 units, the internal system specifications show
it as a v2 unit. However those are v3 units (or v4 for dual sensor probes) when they match the picture

The sensor starts but does not work, the reset procedure does not work either.

Is there any way to get that sensor back ?


  • SchottkySchottky
    edited June 2019
    Hello IT_SP,

    Does your unit Green & Yellow led's blinking? What do you mean the sensor start but does not work?

    Doing a reset to Factory default will get the sensor back, maybe you should try to reset it again.
    As sometimes on my unit which is the latest version 5, if I didn't hard reset the device to it's factory default properly, it will not reset to it's factory default instead it will stay still on its current configuration.
    it blink one long time yellow and green then nothing; I'll try resetting it again
  • StreliziaStrelizia
    Were you able to access the device after doing a RESET?

    You can try their Discovery Tool
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