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Hi All,

I would like to know how to put 2 Recipient in Email Alert using Stand-Alone UI,
i already tried using Comma, and semi-colon, still have error.


  • Hi JoemSevilla,

    What SensorGateway firmware are you using?
    The latest Firmware 8.1, only requires one email per field. You may try to put the other recipient on the cc field.
  • JoemSevillaJoemSevilla

    We are currently using 8.1, yes we tried to test on CC field also, still have the error.
  • Hello JoemSevilla,

    What SMTP Server are you using? Firmware 8.1 doesn't support gmail yet.
    You can use their free email service on page 80

    If you wanted to use gmail you can download their beta firmware that I saw on this forum

    Kindly also note that only one email is required for the "To Email" and "CC" field.
  • BStanBStan
    Hi there
    is there any date to fix the use of 2 email addresses per "To" and "CC"field as per the manual?
    not everyone wants to use Dl's especially when you ahve over 100 sites with different notification requirements.
  • AdministratorAdministrator
    JoemSevilla BStan please check firmware release 8.32 It includes a fix for the reported issue.
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